Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here's The Scoop!

Local ice cream shop, Molly Moon's, has launched their new venture, an ice cream truck! And good news to you brides who are looking for a tasty, unique dessert this mobile scoop shop is available for weddings!

Some fabulous planner friends and I stopped into the Wallingford location today to talk with Events Manager, Renee Gervasi, and sample some sweet and savory flavors! Molly Moon's frozen treats are made extra special by using local Northwest ingredients including milk from Western Washington hormone-free cows, much appreciated! Some of our favorites included Balsamic Strawberry, Maple Walnut, Salted Carmel (personal fave!) and 'Scout' Mint made with Girl Scout Cookies! Yum!! Their FedEx sized truck has been traveling through local neighborhoods and making appearances at private events for a few weeks now. You can keep track of its location via twitter alerts, website map and coming out soon you can download an iPhone App to track its path, how cool is that?!

How does the phrase go? You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! You don't have to scream to get all of your questions answered about having Molly Moon's cater your wedding. Just email Renee! renee@mollymoonicecream.com

Still smiling from today's tasting are Clutch Events Associates, Andrea Noble & Sarah Gai, Kaycee Parker of Parker Events, an international super model, Molly Moon's Event Manager Renee Gervasi and Molly Moon Wallingford Manager Kendal Hutson.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Knot Tie It!

It's the big day, you are getting dressed and ready to go and you look at your groomsmen, you gasp and flinch at their poorly tied ties! Oh, what to do?! Learn how to tie those ties in a pinch with this awesome website I found that shows you how to tie a ton of popular knots!

There are step by step diagrams and videos that show you how to properly tie a Bow-Tie, Windsor Knot, Four in Hand Knot, Pratt Knot (Not Spencer, eew) and more! There is also etiquette advise on what knot to use and rules on length for corresponding occasions!

Above is a handy dandy example diagram of how to tie a Half Windsor Knot. The tie-a-tie website is much more helpful:)