Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wedding Day Emergency Kit List!

There are a few things I never leave behind when heading to an event.
My timeline - check!
A change of shoes - check!
My phone (duh) - check!
My nalgene bottle - check!
And last, but not least - my emergency kit - CHECK!
It doesn't matter what the occasion is, where it is held at or how many people/vendors attend, someone WILL need something out of my kit.

My E-Kit is a one stop shop of must have items and a treasure trove of 'I would have never thought of using that' bag of tricks!

My most common used item is a lighter. No shocker there, 99% of weddings have candles. But my favorite random item to have handy is chalk! Chalk is great for hiding red wine spots, dirt scuffs or your Great Aunt Edna’s favorite lip stick shade! The powder in chalk is absorbent, kind to your fabric and best of all white so it blends with nearly all white & ivory wedding dresses! I think I utilized my chalk about six times this past summer!

Below is my entire checklist of items that comes with me to every event...I was never a girl scout, but I'm definitely prepared:)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Addy & Joe Marry it Up!

I met Addy, the lovely bride, seven years ago at a NYE's party I hosted. Her best friend's husband was the captain of my softball team, Here For the Beer. A run in like that is the best kind of 'blast from the past' to have!

What made it even better was that she and her fiance Joe are such a GREAT couple! They adore each other! As a planner you see so many different kind of couples. Each are unique in the way they interact with each other. It is fun to get the googly-eyed for each other couple:)

Photographer Jeremy Leffel took Addy, Joe & their bridal party to Volunteer Park for pre ceremony photos. It was one of the nicest days of the summer, not to mention the hottest! Addy's bouquet and flowers were done by Aria Style - I loved the bright colors!

This Picture on the camel cracks me up!
I love the wall art at OSP! It makes for such an amazing backdrop!
Addy & Joe held there ceremony outside at the Olympic Sculpture Park's pavilion. Afterwards guests walked around the park and hung out in the grass - a perfect Seattle day!

They couldn't decide on just one cake - and really, why try!?! They chose cakes from four different Seattle bakeries. Six cakes and six flavors, yum! Aria Style did the flower arrangements on top!

Addy, who works at the EMP designed all of their paper. Their invite package was beyond rad!!

Thank you to Addy & Joe for letting me be a part of your wedding!!
Vendors who are awesome!
Ceremony/Reception Venue - Olympic Sculpture Park
Caterer - Taste
Photography - Jeremy Leffel Photography
DJ - DJ Joy
Florist, Linens - Aria Style
Dessert - King Fish Bakery, Bakery Nouveau, North Hill Bakery & Dahlia Bakery
Photobooth - 321 Foto

Thank you!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cindy & Sunny Get Married!!

Cindy & Sunny's wedding was the perfect 'Seattle scene'. Picture summer time on Lake Washington on Mercer Island, it rained all morning and stopped just in time for the sun to come out and the chairs to dry before the ceremony, phew!
The couples colors were chartreuse, pink and grey - a Clutch Event's favorites!!

 My favorite picture of Sunny getting ready!! Michael Tallman Photography was so great to work with!! I love all of these shots!
 I loved Cindy in her birdcage veil!! She was such a BEAUTIFUL bride!!

 The boys had custom made converse in gray and green - too cute!
 Cindy's dad and his pal's provided Model A's that the bridal party entered into the processional with, so fun!!

 The couple used famous NW vintage postcards for their table assignments.

 The couple's beer choice?? Rainer! They also had chicken and waffles from Skillet for dinner - yum!

 Brian from Good Times had the party rock'n! This was a group that was ready to party and they did not disappoint!!

 I loved this exit! Cindy changed into the cutest party dress for the reception and the sparklers made the perfect send off!! Congrats Sunny & Cindy!!

Vendors who rock!
Venue - Mercer Island Community Center
Caterer - Skillet!
Photographer - Michael Tallman Photography
Music - Brian Waltz with Good Times DJ Service
Floral - Anita Baker, Washington Floral
Hair & Makeup - Wild Root Salon
Rentals - Grand Events

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teeth & Beer!

Super cute dental student meets brew master hippy at University of really, picture East Coast 'preppy' (in the best way possible) and the captain of the ultimate Frisbee team (again, in the best way - sorry Steve, that's a guess - but am I right??)...They bonded over their relaxed attitudes, dive bars, love for dark beer and a sarcastic sense of humor...they fell in love, finished school, moved to Seattle where she is a dentist and he is a master brewer at Holly & Steve in all of their awesomeness glory!

Fluert of West Seattle did all of the floral arrangements...I love the broach and lace!
Why yes, those are teeth molds - they held down the programs in the summer breeze! I love fun personalized touches like this!

This group of groomsmen was F.U.N! I love some east coast humor and they delivered! Plus look how dapper they look in their suits!! The kelly green and hues of blue color palette came through perfectly in there shoes and tie combos! Such a great group of guys!!

I love old man hands....and really, how cute is grandpa's tie?!

Officiant Quinn Russell rocked the ceremony...this may be the part where she talked about the engagement...Steve put the ring on his tooth as she was going to floss his teeth (remember, she is a dentist!) and her reaction, 'what the shit is that?!'....I love it!!

 The ceremony was held in a field at Volunteer Park, the weather was ideal for a July Seattle day.

 Seriously, could she be more gorgeous?! And she is as nice as she is cute!! For realsies.
And then you add Stephen, such an awesome guy!! And I feel like I've said awesome 1,000 in this blog already, but I can't help it. It is the perfect word for this wedding. I mean look at them. You can't help but smile when you see these pictures!!

This was the day that I met Jenny of JennyJ Photography. We talked for roughly 35 seconds before we basically simultaneously said, 'how have we not met? How are we not friends yet!?'...cut to 2013 and we have three weddings together, hooray! I obsess over her photos! They are unique, artsy, creative...her point of view blows me away!!  

Th reception was at 415 Westlake and the super fly team of Skillet catered the event. Two words for you people, chicken & waffles! Ok, one more word...PIE!! So delish!
Holly was the visionary of her style. She used a burlap runner and DIY lace curtains underneath a plethora of collected glass vases. The uber talented mother of the groom sewed each napkin in different blues/greens materials to complete the look.

 Of course they served beer from Steve's brewery!! A pour of 'Happily Ever After' please!
This picture is included solely because the bestman is a hottie - you're welcome ladies. Plus his speech was hilarious, he's not just for looks.
So I know I talk about how awesome the dance parties are at a lot of my weddings. And it is true, there are epic dance parties that happen throughout a a solid wedding season....but this takes the ultimate cake. Sophisticated Mama DJ'd the shit out of this wedding. I'm talking every single person had sore feet the next day kind of party. When I say that the photographers, the catering staff, the DJ's, the bartenders and myself were ALL dancing behind the bar together, I'm not kidding. It was ridonculous.
Shortly after this picture was taken the bride and her aunt had a Michael Jackson dance off. Amazeballs!

And to end this blog post I will leave you with these two pictures....try and tell me they didn't have an insane time at their wedding!!?!? THANK YOU Holly & Steve for letting me be a part of your wedding!!!!!

Rad vendors include....
Photographer - JennyJ Photography
Ceremony Music - The Elderly
DJ - Sophisticated Mama
Ceremony Location - Volunteer Park
Reception Venue - 415 Westlake
Florist - Fleurt
Caterer - Skillet
Ice Cream Cart - Blue Bird Ice Cream
Officiant - Quin Russell
Hair & Make-up - Vain
Transportation - First Student